Air temperature 70-90 C; Humidity 10-15%
By watering stones, the humidity increases. A stay between 5 and 15 minutes is recommended.
The sauna can be used only by people over 18 years of age. Be sure to consult your doctor before using the sauna. The sauna should not be used by people with heart problems, nor by people who have thyroid problems and pregnant women.
Going to the sauna intoxicated, after a big meal and in poor health is not recommended.
The sauna is entered after taking a shower, clean and dry skin, without jewelry and watches because they can cause burns.
During your stay in sauna, pores on the body open, so it is not recommended to use a pool before entering. If you have, however used the pool, it is necessary to take a shower and dry yourself well with a towel.
Take off your slippers before entering the sauna, and be sure to use a towel to sit on it.
After leaving the sauna, it is recommended to take a shower with lukewarm or cold water, moving from arms and legs, towards the heart. After cooling, it is recommended to rest for 10 to 15 minutes with water intake to make up for lost. By cooling the body, the blood vessels are narrowed and thus the full effect of circulation is achieved, and the blood vessels become more elastic.
Visiting sauna reduces body weight up to 2%. Staying in sauna improves  general psycho-physical condition of organism, leads to muscle relaxation, relieves stress and fatigues, stabilizes blood circulation.
Sauna is recommended after a hard day, after training, etc. After sauna, a massage of your choice is recommended.